In case you missed this important announcement… SyncRTC Inc. welcomes Adtech Systems to its team of global Solutions Partners providing managed and professional services. The addition of the Room of the Future platform to Adtech’s Digital Media Practice provides Adtech with the ability to offer a superior, fully immersive video collaboration experience to Higher Education and Corporate Clients looking to transform their learning and training environments. 

The platform represents a breakthrough in the delivery of online learning. This cloud-based service renders each participant’s face, life-sized, to a UHD (Ultra High Definition) video-wall, with exceptionally low latency. The persistent room architecture and ‘shared memory’ patented technology allow real-time seamless collaboration between participants and presenters, over a public access network. Capable of supporting up to 200+ remote connections in a single session, is an ideal alternative to engage larger cohorts and audiences when face-to-face learning is not possible. 

“Hybrid & Interactive collaboration rooms have been evolving for a long time, but as with so many aspects of digital transformation, it’s taken the COVID-19 crisis to create a tipping point in their adoption. Early in the pandemic, people did what was most immediate and cost-effective to get by. That meant it had to be virtual or digital,” said Joe Mendonca Director of Adtech’s Digital Media Practice. “But as time goes on, organizations must go beyond the lowest common denominator solutions and implement more effective and engaging solutions. Given the ongoing need for extended remote working and learning, all organizations need to maximize the untapped potential that virtual classrooms can provide. It is not enough to just lift and shift face-to-face sessions into a virtual environment. It’s critical to design the learning experiences and harness the full collaborative and interactive capabilities that the Room of the Future platform has to offer.” 

Adtech Higher-ed and Corporate customers will be enabled to share and engage in a fully interactive, global learning experience regardless of geographic location. It offers Adtech’s engineers a lot of flexibility for designing virtual and collaborative rooms for any size space, with desired features, capabilities, peripherals, and automation in a custom branded interface, which can be fully integrated into the customer’s technology stack, like a learning management system. Most importantly, the platform complies with Adtech’s six key design principles: Simplicity, User-Experience, Flexibility, Scalability, Security, and Manageability. 

“We are delighted to be in partnership with Adtech Systems which represents a step-change in the delivery of products and services,” said Victor Sanchez, CEO, SyncRTC Inc. “Our customer profiles continue to expand and encompass new use-cases for our technology. Adtech is perfectly positioned to leverage its world-class expertise and know-how with’s unique and compelling technology”.

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SyncRTC is a global company headquartered in the US that specializes in cloud-based video collaboration. Its platform, and associated solutions including Room of the Future, have created a new paradigm in training and education by enabling integrated real-time online multimedia collaboration with many-to-many live video interactions. Leading corporations, universities, and business schools worldwide are using SyncRTC’s technology to create immersive, simulated educational environments that serve as a virtual alternative to in-person meetings, training sessions, and educational programs. For more information, please visit 

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Adtech Systems is a global visual collaboration services company that provides managed and professional services, technology solutions, and proactive support for video collaboration, integrated workspaces, and digital signage deployments, to corporate, education, government, and healthcare organizations. For more information visit

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