ENS launches the first mashme.io

Room of the Future in Latin America


In July 2020, to meet the needs of Brazilian professionals in a demanding sector, Escola de Negócios e Seguros (School of Business and Insurance) launched their new hybrid classroom at the Sao Paulo campus.

The school selected mashme.io Room of the Future technology from SyncRTC, as part of the digitization of the school’s learning environments. The “Sala do Futuro” is a state of the art hybrid and remote learning facility which utilizes three (3) Samsung 98” UHD screens, in a configuration that supports up to 40 remote students. The environment is fully automated to ensure that faculty and students enjoy a fully immersive, collaborative eLearning experience.

“Operating in a sophisticated and very competitive market, ENS (School of Business & Insurance) has been active in the educational segment for almost 50 years, qualifying professionals all over Brazil, in many lines of business, especially in the insurance market, explains General Director, Tarcísio Godoy. ENS has always positioned itself as an innovative educational institution, seeking the best tools and technologies for online learning. Our goal is to continuously connect the entire insurance industry, business and related segments. In this search for excellence, ENS found mashme.io Room of the Future; A global solution with a large number of successful deployments in important educational institutions around the world. The introduction of this new environment in our School now expands our student’s experience of distance learning in a similar way. The project represents an improvement above all other solutions currently available in Brazil and Latin America for online education. The Room of the Future allows greater dynamism, fluidity, and interactivity between the professor-lecturer and the audience-students, and the courses are prepared to offer a truly personalized and in-depth experience. With the Room of the Future, ENS enables students the possibility to interact and better understand the questions proposed by teachers, which inaugurates a new moment in educational didactics, allowing the adoption of motivational strategies and teaching methods that are more sophisticated and suitable for each group”.

“Faculty are extremely excited to be part of the school’s digital innovation. “Sala do Futuro” allows them to continue to deliver excellence to students with this new technology in times when continuity of education is at risk”, explains Luiz Mattua, Superintendente de TI, ENS.

The Room of the Future technology was designed from inception to deliver solutions for higher education and corporate training. As such, the mashme.io feature-rich suite is continually being developed to meet the needs of the demanding and accelerated growth within the sector.

“We are very excited to be working with the highly skilled team of specialist educators from ENS, says CEO Víctor Sánchez. And it’s a significant milestone in the history of the company that mashme.io has a footprint in Latin America”.

About ENS

Founded in 1971, Escola de Negócios e Seguros (School of Business and Insurance) has the mission of spreading education, research and knowledge within the insurance sector in Latin America. Headquartered in Rio de Janiero, the institution has nine other regional campuses and maintains a high standard of teaching quality and status as the largest and most highly ranked Insurance School in Brazil.

About SyncRTC

SyncRTC is a global company headquartered in the US specializes in cloud-based video collaboration. Its mashme.io platform, and associated solutions including Room of the Future, have created a new paradigm in training and education by enabling integrated real-time online multimedia collaboration with many-to-many live video interactions. Leading corporations, universities and business schools worldwide are using SyncRTC’s technology to create immersive, simulated educational environments that serve as a virtual alternative to in-person meetings, training sessions, and educational programmes. For more information, please visit www.mashme.io.


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