Immersive Virtual Learning without frontiers

Our license based platform allows students and presenters to interact virtually in real-time to simulate a physical classroom experience, delivering hybrid and remote learning environments.

Up to 48 screens offers up to 48 screens within a high definition video wall, camera, lighting and audio systems, operated by SyncRTC’s software.

4K Videos uses high-quality video to host interactive sessions, allowing presenters to engage with remote participants all over the world, with minimal latency.

Play 360° Videos plays 360 videos, generates augmented or virtual reality experiences, runs 2D or 3D simulations, and displays big data visualizations with seamless connectivity to ensure a rich media content experience.

Data Analytics also delivers a comprehensive analytics portal that shows the time participants spent viewing material presented, and how effectively key messages were conveyed.

Data Analytics provides a comprehensive and powerful analytics tool for monitoring utilization and tracking participants engagement. A key tool in measuring the effectiveness of material and improving learning outcomes.


  • Presents an overview of Room of the Future utilization
  • Enables the ability to filter and sort data
  • Drill into usage by Room


  • Presents analytics from a selected Room
  • Shows session list by Room
  • Provides attendees list by Room


  • Presents specific analytics by Session
  • Shows attendees and individual interaction
  • Includes Time spent, Resources shared and Language

LMS Integration

By integrating applications already in use, delivers the most value and efficiency from your LMS

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